Odd Faces, Old Places


"A Personality Piece"

One time I went to Europe and made faces. 

Because I have a malleable face. And Europe is old. 

Here are some of them in gif form. 

Upper Lake, Glendalough, Ireland. 

Formed during the last ice age by glaciers. Not leprechauns. Unfortunately.

Unknown Old Building, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Built in 1689, as marked by the sign I'm pointing to.

The Nymphenburg Palace, Munich, Germany.

Built in 1675.

This was taken from the inside. It is very grand. Nothing from Ikea.

This was taken from the outside. Still very grand. It's overwhelming.

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Dublin, Ireland.

Built in 1191. 

Wow, that's old.

The Faber-Castell Castle, Stein, Germany.

Built in 1898.

They sell their pens and pencils here. You can also buy them online.

Nurnberg's-Altestes Fachwerk-Haus, Nuremberg, Germany.

Built in 1338.

According to a German friend I was visiting, this is the oldest house in Nuremberg. It looks old, so I can't argue with that.

Basilica di Santa Maria del Fiore, or Il Duomo di Firenze, Florence, Italy.

Begun in 1296 and finished in 1436.