It’s not organic. It’s not gourmet. It’s not even in the refrigerated section.

It has higher priorities, like ease and convenience. Hence the name. And the can.

Tag: Easy first. Cheese second.

Print will be placed in cooking and other food-related magazines. (Scroll through.)

The idea of convenience and ease will be continued on the can. (Scroll through to see the back.)


We'll raise awareness for anyone standing in front of the gourmet cheese section for too long. Because having that many choices can become too difficult.


And what's another thing that's difficult with cheese? Planning a wine & cheese party. So, we fixed that issue by conveniently boxing it all together.


Then there are times you want a cheese-based meal without all the effort. So we created the first Easy Cheese meal flavor, Grilled Cheese, and sparked a social campaign to get people to pick the next. 

Messaging on the back of the can pushes people to vote for the next cheesy meal flavor.

Banner ads on websites where people are thinking about what to cook also encourage people to participate. 

Participants can submit through Twitter using the hashtag #easycheesemeal. (Scroll through.)

The tweets filter into the Easy Cheese meals microsite where people can also request flavors through digital recipe cards and vote for their favorites. And Easy Cheese will create the most popular flavors.